Friday, April 23, 2010

Bad Lieutentant

Jamie said we had to watch this one, so I moved it up the Q. It's been years since we headed down the bad road with Harvey Keitel. I remembered that earlier film as excruciatingly compelling, hard to watch, hard not to. It was a tour-de-force for Keitel.

In this new Herzog take on the badness of the lieutenant, less than 30 minutes in, Tim comments, "Well, he's hit rock bottom." Not so, not yet, we had quite a bit more over-the-top down and dirty to go and I have to admit it was nastily fun.

Nicholas Cage (I'm one of those who is nearly always a fan) as an honored detective suffering from chronic back pain was having one heck of a good time with a few "I can't believe this" moments as he sinks deeper and deeper into drugs in an effort to relieve his pain. Yet he has this underlying, well, I can't call it goodness, but something that keep you rooting for him.

Anyone who can ask, "do fish have dreams?" has something going for him, and this film, if you like this sort of thing, has something going for it.

Enjoy, I think.

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